At 9 HOTEL MONTPARNASSE you will be excited by the Parisian-bohemian neighborhood, a typically Parisian district.

The atmosphere of an urban village with many shops, theaters (rue de la Gaité and rue Daguerre), restaurants, cafés and great Parisian brasseries such as La Coupole, Le Dôme or La Rotonde. The Rue des Thermopyles just in front of the hotel is a green setting where the plants growing up the front of the buildings give it a truly country atmosphere.

The whole district has preserved an arty Bohemian spirit which still murmurs the names of those who have lived there: Picasso, Modigliani, Soutine, Chagall and even Hemingway and Gertrude Stein.

Bistrotters - French cuisine

In a cozy and modern atmosphere, the young team serves the quality products with great expertise. The food presentation and service are done with care. Excellent value for money. A lot of attention is given to the wine menu. The restaurant also serves wine merchants.

9, rue Decrès 75014 Paris. Tel. 01 45 45 58 59
L'Ordonnance - Traditional French cuisine

In a retro-chic atmosphere and complemented by attentive service, l'Ordonnance offers traditional bistro cuisine, based on seasonal products. The menu is short but with a lot of variety and changes regularly.

51, rue Hallé 75014 Paris. Tel. 01 43 27 55 85
Les Petites Sorcières - French cuisine

The famous Ghislaine Arabian's bistro serves simple and fine cuisine, showcasing the local Flandres (shrimp croquettes, waterzoof lobster, waffles). The menu changes daily. Good wine menu.

12, rue Liancourt 75014 Paris. Tel. 01 43 21 57 58
Les fils de la ferme - French cuisine

The rustic atmosphere of this family bistro, runs by two brothers, showcases inventive cuisine. The menu changes according to seasonal arrivals.

5, rue Mouton- Duvernet 75014 Paris. Tel. 01 45 39 39 61
L'Assiette - French cuisine

In an old deli, bistro l'Assiette serves traditional cuisine based on fresh products. Homemade Cassoulet, tartare of shrimps, a generous master chef kitchen. For the choice of wine, take the advice of the sommelier.

181, rue du Château 75014 Paris. Tel. 01 43 22 64 86
Le Château Poivre - French cuisine

In a modern, simple and chic bistro decor, you can enjoy fine cuisine. Cooking and dressing dishes are perfectly controlled. For a quick lunch, take a table at the bar between the racks of bottles. If you have more time, enjoy our velvet sofas on the terrace.

145, rue du Château 75014 Paris. Tel. 01 43 22 03 68
Les Pipelettes - French cuisine

The place is charming and welcoming, the food is homemade with simplicity and authenticity. The restaurant has a grocery store that showcases a diverse selection of fine handicrafts.

29-31, rue Brézin 75014 Paris. Tel. 09 81 29 27 32
Cobéa Restaurant - French cuisine – 1 star Michelin in 2012 et 2013

Gastronomic restaurant in a simply chic decor, the food served is innovative and refined. You will be delighted in privacy and in a relaxed atmosphere, an exceptional cuisine.

11, rue Raymond Losserand 75014 Paris. Tel. 01 43 20 21 39
Au métro - French cuisine

In a friendly atmosphere, the local dishes and a wide selection of wine and beer are served generously by an affable team.

66, rue Raymond Losserand 75014 Paris. Tel. 01 45 42 59 05
La cantine du troquet - French cuisine

Basque cuisine is perfectly executed and accompanied by fine wines. The service is fast and friendly. No reservations needed.

101, rue Ouest 75014 Paris. Tel. 01 45 40 04 98
Le Jeu de Quilles - French cuisine

The area is small, but the friendly atmosphere is guaranteed around the dinner table. You can see the chef working with his fresh products. The wine selection is short but well chosen.

45, rue Boulard 75014 Paris. Tel. 01 53 90 76 22
Au moulin vert - Traditional French cuisine

The decor which surprises and relaxes with a view on the trees and plant. The atmosphere is more cozy upstairs.

34 bis, rue des Plantes 75014 Paris. Tel. 01 45 39 31 31
L’île au blé noir - Pancake

The creperie offers a wide selection of sweet and savory pancakes and other dishes. The decor and hospitality are quite warm.

80, rue Raymond Losserand 75014 Paris. Tel. 01 45 45 07 99
Il Gallo Nero - Italian cuisine

This Italian restaurant in the neighborhood where the decor is simple and rustic with its wooden floors, offers a small but nice menu. A friendly restaurant with value for money.

36, rue Raymond Losserand 75014 Paris. Tel. 01 42 18 00 38
Le Khalife - Libanese cuisine

This place is charming (beams and exposed brick) and welcoming. The Lebanese cuisine is proposed in plentiful quantity and well presented.

38, rue de l'Ouest 75014 Paris. Tel. 01 43 21 33 53
Le Saut du Crapaud - French cuisine

Le Saut du Crapaud embraces bistro's code. Mexican chef gives pride to the simplicity of the recipes with quality products. The wine list is a real tour de France.

16, rue des Plantes 75014 Paris. Tel. 01 40 44 73 09

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